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About Us

The pursuit of global leadership

As one of world’s fastest growing automotive brands, Changan’s roots trace back over 150 years. “Long lasting safety” reflects the spirit and meaning of the word Changan. Headquartered in China, the brand demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to building a world class automotive enterprise creating value for consumers across the world since the 1950’s. More than just a car, Changan products incorporate the latest in safety, technology, design and fashion from Europe, Asia, and North America. Truly a global brand, Changan continues to blaze new trails in the pursuit of market leadership. Already a leader among its domestic peers, Changan remains on a steady course to enter the ranks of the top 10 automotive brands within 5 years along side its Japanese, European and American peers. With a bright future ahead, Changan will continue to reshape the auto industry providing exciting, innovative and affordable products for consumers all over the world.


Industry leading customer service

The UAE automotive sector is home to many of the world’s leading automotive brands is a natural home for Changan. Dubai, one of the world’s leading retail markets with its discerning customers creates high expectations. With over 200 nationalities the markets and consumer tastes reflect the convergence of East, West, North and South with a mix of consumer preferences as diverse as the demographics. The range of Changan models from our small car model, the Benni to the large upmarket 4×4 SUV, the CS75 offers customers a range of choices for affordable innovation catering to various fashions and lifestyles. Whether a student, family, young or old as the market continues to grow Changan will continue to grow with you offering our UAE customers many options to fit your budget.

So we invite you to join our journey in the pursuit of global leadership. With a firm eye toward the future and a commitment to being the best at what we do, we can assure you that Changan is the best partner for all your auto needs. Welcome to our family!


Changan automobile achieve sales in 2015

Changan Automobile sold 2,777 million units (including joint venture vehicles) in CY 2015. This represents an increase of 9.1% versus 2014.Among these sales, Changan branded vehicles represented 1,538 million units, an 11.3% increase, and Changan branded passenger vehicles achieved sales of 1,007 million vehicles, a 30.9% increase. In 2015, Changan Automobile produced and sold more than a million units, making a historic high. From the launch of Benni in 2006, to surpassing one million vehicles in 2015, it took only nine years for Changan Automobile to become the first automaker to achieve such a milestone in China passenger vehicle market.

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